Thursday, December 23, 2010

Most Exciting Christmas EVER

I know what you think i am getting ahead of myself... i know i know Christmas is two days away but i know it's going to be exciting!!! This is Chloé's first Christmas and Tommy is actually understanding Christmas this year last year he was confused and mainly liked un wrapping. Oh did i mention this Christmas is going to be in my house?! That's right i have been looking forward to spending a Christmas minus the traveling since Tommy and my first Christmas. However it has never happened until this year. I work Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) So Tommy's parents are coming over on Saturday and bringing Chelsea (his sister) with them. We so excited to spend the day at home. You may wonder what about my parents well we where already blessed by a somewhat surprise visit from them last week. My dad had a conference in Orlando so my mom came with and we met up with them for a day. Unfortunalty i had been gone for the first half of the week and then worked on Friday so we only got a day but it was still wonderful to see them.

Both Babies are doing good. Tommy had a cold for a few days but got over that with out much thought, Chloé (or as Tommy calls her Choe) is sick right now which makes for a stressful time. My poor baby is still smiling but they are just not as bright and it makes me sad!

 Chloé helping my Mom open Gifts
 Tommy's Gingerbread house
 They love being together
 Tommy and Chloé sharing a moment
 My little Princess
 I asked for a smile and he did this <3
 I told him i wanted a picture of him with his toy guns on so he poised
Me and my baby girl at teh park... she just wanted to play

New York, Staten Island, and Jersey

Well my DFAM class went well (incase you don't know what DFAM is it is the new way  the Coast Guard Food Service is doing paperwork). I so enjoyed being back in the place that i fell in love with the East Coast. Meeting more of Tommy's family was also fun. I stayed with his Uncle Dave and his wife Aunt Renee and their two kids David and Renee, who i think are the most well behaived 10 and 8 year old i have ever seen! I loved spending my days of school in Manhattian. I was able to make friends with one of the girls in the class and we hung out the whole time which made the experience all the better. While in Jersey we had a lovely dinner and Lunellos (look up on utube desperate housewives of Jersey table flip) Uncle Dave took me to OCC (orange county Chopper), We went to Tommy's grandparents house (where i also got to meet his aunt, her husband and three of her four kids), I had a lot of fun and was able to do a lot of relaxing!

 Me and Megan (from my class)
 Statue Of Liberty 

me and Uncle Dave
Me and Aunt Renee
my fave bike at OCC

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Briesey Easy life... Not so Easy!

I've been running around like crazy over the last few months. I had gotten so excited to go back to work, not that I wouldn't love spending time unlimited with my kids and husband but the sense of fullfillment that comes with working is something that I like, to know that my blood, sweat and uh more sweat it making sure my family stays afloat in the tough times it a wonderful feeling.

My little family Updates
Not long after I got back to work (the very next weekend as a matter of fact) Tommy started throwing up. He would throw up for about 9-12 hours then be completely fine again like someone turned on and off a switch. It started happening more frequently, well every two weeks. So we took him to the Dr. and they sent us to a Gastroentromologyst who had a CT scan of his head and a bunch of blood tests, well since he hasn't thrown up in about two months they want to pause testing to see if he starts throwing up again. Other than that he has been great... he talks up a storm and is always making sure me and Tommy are "ok". He loves his sister so very much and is constantly kissing her and making sure Mama (that's me) and Dada (that's Tommy) attend to her every need at the moment she makes a noise! He loes chasing Optimus and Chopper and his favorite show is Go Diego Go which not only has he been mastering our language but he says a few words in spanish as well "abre" being the main one he will not say open in English but says "abre". One update down.

Next... Miss Chloé is they happiest baby I have ever had the joy to be around. Tommy was happy but not this happy. She wakes up and giggles until you feed her! Realing only crying every once in a while. She may have been born a little 7lb .5lb tiny thing but now weighs 17lbs... she's got the cutest baby roll legs ever!!

Tommy Still love his job and loves it more and more as time passes.
I am leaving in a week and a half to go to Staten Island for a week and a half where I get to take a course for the first four days then meet all of Tommy's family in NJ. I am very excited!

We had my best friend who is both of our kids' godmother come and stay with us for a week. It was a glorious time filled with lots of memories of Kodiak... Anyway time to go clean... I'll hopefully post again soon with some pictures!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Better Wear White Today... No White After Labor Day!

It was a trying weekend due to unforeseen events. However it was awesome as well. Mom and Dad (Tommy's parents) came on Friday and are leaving Today. I always enjoy cherish the time spent with them. Little Man got to go fishing yesterday with his Daddy and Papap. We think Tommy needs a video camera to catch cute moments (ok so me and Tommy need one) he said Little Tommy was picking the bait out of the bait well throwing it over the side waving and saying "bye fish".

Us girls had a nice time at home too we watched "The Last Song" which was actually very good. We where a little hesitant at first since Miley Cyrus is in it but it turned out better than we thought! (by the end we where both tearing up)

And Today is work XP not on my Top list of things I would like to be doing on Labor Day but what can a girl do! That's why we call it Holiday Routine... Holiday for some Routine for others.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Too long

Well the six weeks of my Maternity leave flew by, and I started back to work last Monday. It's crazy to think that my little princess is already seven weeks old! It was a very relaxing seven weeks and Tommy is such a good big brother the time flew by.

We spent quite a few weekends at Tom's parents house which is always fund and relaxing. I was also able to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a while. My friend Kendra who I was on the Alex Haley with was here for Vacation so we met up with her and my friend Bob who lives in St. Pete. Also a girl that i went to Church with in Yelm had a baby two three weeks ago and her mom came to visit so Denise (my MIL), me and the kids went and met up with Jennifer, Nicole and her new daughter Aeris. All in all it was a relaxing fun few weeks!

Chloé has grown so much already weighing 11.5lbs! As I mentioned I started back to work on Monday and Tommy started his job on Wednesday. He applied a few weeks back and went in for an interview. Then on Tuesday he  got the good news he was hired part time, working the week days I have off! He has had three other jobs since we moved here but have all ended up not working out for one reason or another. He started working at a place called Topper Town it's in Cocoa and best of all no kids in daycare and an extra income! SCORE!!!

So my first week went smoothly as far as work went. On Friday night I fell asleep on the couch while giving Chloé her bottle I woke to something sticky being shoved into my hand when I opened my eyes I reolized it was a cup with chocolate syrup all over it. Then I looked at Tommy and realized that he too was covered in chocolate. I called for Tom to come clean him up (he was in the office) when he came out he walked into the kitchen and called me in there... there was Chocolate syrup wall to wall and our dog was rolling in it. I wish i would have gotten pictures but i was half asleep and didn't think about it until all was cleaned up. (Chopper is fine btw i guess he didn't ingest too much but rolled in it instead)

Saturday the day went smoothly and then my husband called, Tommy was sick and throwing up. It was right before I was to serve dinner that he called. Tom said that he had been throwing up for a while and he wanted me to hurry with my cleanups cause our poor little man was throwing up on everything and poor Chloé wanted attention as well. Not long after he hung up he called again and informed me that his sister was going to drive from Orlando to help him until i made it home. When I finally got home he threw up a few more times, Chelsea staid for a while talking and holding and feeding Chloé, while I held Tommy and Tom started cleaning all the bedding and towels from the day. Later that night after all was in the clear Tommy was able to fall asleep peacefully and woke up the next moring back to his old self.
My sleeping beauty wearing one of my fav new hats from Grandma Denise
My sweet heart!

Out at Indian River he was watching for the "fish" he tries to fish and ended up swimming the rest of the time we where there! (i actually framed this picture it was just too cute to pass up!)

He loves helping even give her a bath (i kept catching him with his leg on the ledge of the tub trying to climb in)

Cheesing for the Camera... look at that big smile!!! I love it!
With her Taggie Blanket from Grandma Clara

He woke up and wanted to come cuddle with me and Chloé, the flash was interrupting his tv view though!

He got up from his nap for dinner and then preceded to pass back out on his daddy!

Waiting at the Dr. office drinking some juice and people watching.

Half awake half smiling before her Dr. Appt

My little right handed artist... look how he holds that pen!!!

He carries that pad everywhere!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Okay so I was going through some pictures of little Tommy can I just point out how much my Babies look alike!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


After she was brought back
The Proud Daddy Pose
Showing her to Big Brother
Big Brother Getting to hold her (that is a huge smile on his face not his i'm getting in trouble face)
Daddy helping Tommy Hold his "sisser"
Napping with Daddy
She loves sleep
Cutest Pink Feet EVER
Passed out in the blanket I made her

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chloe Eva Briese

Chloe Eva Briese
Born 9/July/2010
Weight 7lbs .5oz
Langth 18.5 inches

It's been one week since Miss Chloe Eva was born. She was breech (as you read prior), and the morning of my C section day my Dr. did a ultrasound and she was head down. My Dr. started everything for an inducement and natural delivery we decided inducing was right for a few reasons one being she didn't want me to get bigger with my size it's hard on my body to get big and since she was head down and had flipped the night before she didn't want her to flip again. At 0630 they started the induction. I was progressing (not as fast as my Dr who was not on call that day would have hoped) and by the early afternoon I recieved an eppideral. The Dr and Nurse kept checking me and saying I was progressing but she wasn't dropping. By 1500 I could feel all my contractions again but she still hadn't dropped I had been getting patosien all afternoon. The Nurse stopped the Pattosien and my Dr. signed me off to the on call Dr. She explained that there is a new schedule the OB Dr's are on and whatever Dr is on call is the Delivery Dr so if i would have gone into labor and my Dr was not on call she wouldn't have been there. (they just started this like a month ago go figure everything has to be "hard")

At 1530 I asked my Nurse (RN Anne Marie) if i could meet the Dr. she said they would call the Dr when I got closer to Delivery. 25 min Later my Nurse checked me again and told me to push a little to see if Chloe would drop a little (i was still only 8cm) well i pushed a couple times. My Nurse told me to stop and said she was going to call the Dr. after those two pushes Chloe dropped and I was 10 cm dialted (all the patossien worked!!) At about 1600 she wasn't waiting anymore. The Nurses had prepped the room and kept telling me just to breath well my body had a different idea. I was trying to relax but I could feel my contractions and my despite my best attempts she was coming out whether they liked it or not. Her heart rate started dropping rapidlly and the Nurses told me to push it only took a few pushes, and as soon as her head came out the Nurses reolized why she had been breech and why she was not dropping, her umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck and was suffocating her. She stopped breathing as the two nurses (who where acting as the delivery Dr.) cut the cord off in sections. They rushed her to the heat light and started rubbing her and moving her around to get her to breath. I couldn't do anything (which is such a horrible feeling) and my poor husband was beside himself he went over an looked at her then came back and cried, then went back and looked at her and came back and put his head on my should and cried again, she started crying which was an instant relief it seemed that she wasn't breathing for a life time but it was not even a min. Tommy was able to take pictures and show me.

After they wrapped me up I was able to hold her for a min until they took her to the Nursery. Tommy went with (then the Dr. showed up... I don't think the better late than never applies here though). He went out and talked with his family telling them how it went. (his Mom was able to come two nights prior and his dad has just gotten to our coast that afternoon) As soon as the Dr was finished and the room was cleaned up a little Denise brought in Little Tommy who came over and sat with me. Another Nurse brought Chloe back to eat Tom, Tommy and Little Tommy went down to get something to eat and Denise kept me company while I fed Chloe, she got to hold Chloe. The Tom's came back when I was finished the littlest one was getting ancy so Tom and Denise took him home. I ate dinner and showered while Chloe was showered then checked to see if she could regulate her body heat. The nurse from the Nursery said after a few minor tests she calulated that Chloe was born at week 39 (which was a week later than I thought I was). After my shower they moved me to a recovery room where I was able to relax and rest.

Tom and Denise brought Little Tommy on Sat and Chelsea came as well. Sunday Tommy (who had gone home for a little bit) brought little Tommy back while his parents ran to Wal*Mart. Chelsea and her boyfriend Ricardo stopped by the hospital. She loved getting to hold Chloe and he even got to hold her for a little while (it took everyone saying he could and about 20 min a mental preperation). When they left Tommy took Little Tommy home for a much needed nap and came back with his mom who kept me company until I was allowed to leave.

Chloe is adjusting beautifully and Little Tommy is a wonderful big brother, he constantly gives her kisses and is checking on her. He brings me diapers everytime I change her and keeps gives her all his pacifiers.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blankets and C Sections

Well My blanket is DONE yep that is right done me and my mother in law finished it today! She did alot to help me finish it and it looks fantabulous! I love it!

Well I go in for my C Section in the morning bright and early. My cousin Kris and his wife Jenn had their baby yesturday a big congratulations to them! Well ths is going to be a short post since i am tired and have to get up so early! But i'm so super excited!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Update on my Quilt

Alright it's official my quilt squares are completed all blocked a beautiful! I cannot wait to sew it together!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July, Rain, and 37 Weeks

Happy 4th Of July
We where able to spend the weekend of the fourth with my hubby's family. We headed out after my Dr.'s Appt on Thursday and stopped by Orlando and hung out with Tommy's sister Chelsea and met her boyfriend. It was great to see her, and she took little man in their pool and they got to swim a little. We then finished our drive to Tarpon Springs.  
Daddy and Tommy's matching shirts!!!

Swimming with Aunt Chelsea and Recardo... Daddy was watching from the sidelines!

Tommy would help him stand on the middle part and he would jump in... my fearless little man!

Friday Tommy went to work with his parents and helped out so Little Tommy and I had a lunch date and picked up a few necessities at Walmart. Then we got back to the house and swam a little. Then my Mother in Law and I went and saw Eclipse, it was very good I've been enjoying the movies grately and really need to read the books!
My Lunch Date!!!

Yesterday my Mother in Law competed in a 5K race! It was late at night so me and little man slept while Tommy and his dad watched! I'm so proud of her, she has been working so hard and this was a big accomplishment for her!
Climbed on Daddy's lap after his swim with Grandpa

Well it's been raining all weekend and Today was no different it kept the heat down which turned out to be a very good thing. About a month and a half ago Tom and Denise's ac went out it was "fixed" but Today it decided it was done and stopped working all together. Thank goodness for the rain it keept the heat down and it hasn't been too hot at all. Also since the house was a little warmer it's been drying my squares quite rapidly! Oh yes did I mention I have all 25 squares done! Okay maybe only 24 for some reason the last 1 is taking me forever! I currently only have the 32 stiches casted on... I'm going to buckle down and finish tonight so I can finish blocking before we leave tomorrow.

Well this next week will be filled with a lot of getting ready... Chloe will be here on Friday! I go in for pre op on Thursday and then surgery on Friday thats right she's still breech! I'm totally not looking forward to a "C" section or the recovery that comes with it. So that means Laundry and cleaning all week! I'm getting super excited thought it's almost over!