Saturday, August 30, 2008

36 Weeks and Counting!

It's all going so fast! Where in the last month, I am so tired beyound belief! I can sleep all day and all night and not even miss a beat! The baby is in the proper position and the doctor says any day now! As for the baby shower last week... well it didn't go quite as bad as i thought it was going to go! I still felt as though i was a last minuet thought. There was supposed to be a home made cake... there wasn't and it wasn't from the bakery that i said if the cake was to be store bought that is where i wanted it from... i would have even payed for it! Everything seemed so last minuet and no one even knew where i was registered!!! (well except the person throwing it!) I think the worst part was that the person throwing it at her house LEFT THE TV ON... and it is one of those big screen tv's  and this like 52 inch.... so it totally was almost like the main focus the whole time... I got home and almost started crying, like i have said before i guess i should be happy that they threw it in the first place.

In other news Tommy and i wen to Anchorage on Tuesday... that was a lot of fun we got some much needed clothing for the two of us and had a relaxing day hanging out and enjoying each others company!

The babies room is almost completely set up.... it looks so cute all of his green stuff... speaking of such i ordered his car seat stroller base and pac and play from and i got the car seat on Monday and then again yesterday... yes that's right no stroller base and no pac and play they sent me the car seat AGAIN and no packing slip which sucks... so now i have to call graco and hope the other things will come at the right time! I couldn't believe it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's getting closer... well everything is getting so much closer! The baby is due in a month and a week!!! It's crazy to think that it's so close! Tom and I are thrilled!

My Mom and Dad are coming my Mom is going to try to come a week before and stay a week after and my dad will come the week after! It's going to be so awesome to see them!

Well my friends here in Kodiak are throwing me a baby shower... I am so thankful that they are doing that for me! However I am trying my hardest to not be worried about it but it seems like EVERY part of it is an after thought! I keep telling myself to be happy that at least they are throwing this for me but it's nerve racking thinking about how it's getting taken care of.... (i need to just relax :D ).

Well I don't have to work anymore, well not until after my maternity leave is over! Which has been the most relieving thing ever! I was so exhausted for so long and now i finally feel like i have some energy! I don't feel like i am going to pass out! (I think Optimus is stoked that i am home) i don't think he has stoped purring since i got home this morning...

Well here is the newest Prego Photo Taken Today 35 Weeks!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I cannot wait. Only a month and a half left! I am so blessed with a wonderful Husband and an awesome family! My mom is coming about a week before the due date and my dad is coming after! I am totally excited! I cannot wait to see them. I don't think anything could top the way i feel right now! God has surely blessed me beyound belief. Time sure has flown from when we first found out till now! I am ready for Thomas Aaron to come! September is bound to be an amazing month!

Me and my honey are going to the beach today... it' s finally sunny in the horrible place! He takes such good care of me :D

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Life!

A Briesey Check Up

Well I thought that that i would finally start a blog. Mainly to dedicate it to my life with my Wonderful Husband and the baby that is due at the end of September! So here is a brief Photo Catch up of my Year in Kodiak AK enjoy!

Last Summer I spent May through the End of July in Hawaii and a small island Named Kwajelien (it is an Island that is part of the Marshell Island's):

Me on the Fantail of the Boat... look at that sun
Me and Another girl on the Boat Amy Dressed
 up... something you cannot do in Kodiak!:
Me and Amy at the Water park:
This was my favorite person on the boat DC1... His last night!
Me and my halibut... yes i pulled it up all by myself! WHAT NOW!? :D
The Slaughter house... AKA the Faintail
Me filleting my FISH! :D I almost Died in the evolution... and we weren't moving!!! (oh and thats the DOC right behind me :D)
Luckily i have always liked being out doors because in Kodiak that is how i spend my time. Here are some Kodiak Pictures!
My last patrol on the Alex Haley we went to the Bering Sea... have you ever watch the worlds deadliest catch? Well imagine that...

December 29th 2007 at Howard Beach in Tarpon Springs Florida
Here is him Purposing
We got married on February 9th 2008 in one of the Little Chapels on Island. Thanks to all of our friend we where able to have a peaceful little wedding!

Our Addition Due on September 23rd
Thomas Aaron Briese:
This was taken a week ago
Our Swing and Bouncer Seat
The crib....

I look like i've swallowed a beach ball and have gotten very uncomfortable! Luckily i have a wonderful husband to take care of me :D. I haven't had any complications thank GOD and have been working the whole time. Luckily my work is very understanding and if i don't feel good they let me go home!