Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July, Rain, and 37 Weeks

Happy 4th Of July
We where able to spend the weekend of the fourth with my hubby's family. We headed out after my Dr.'s Appt on Thursday and stopped by Orlando and hung out with Tommy's sister Chelsea and met her boyfriend. It was great to see her, and she took little man in their pool and they got to swim a little. We then finished our drive to Tarpon Springs.  
Daddy and Tommy's matching shirts!!!

Swimming with Aunt Chelsea and Recardo... Daddy was watching from the sidelines!

Tommy would help him stand on the middle part and he would jump in... my fearless little man!

Friday Tommy went to work with his parents and helped out so Little Tommy and I had a lunch date and picked up a few necessities at Walmart. Then we got back to the house and swam a little. Then my Mother in Law and I went and saw Eclipse, it was very good I've been enjoying the movies grately and really need to read the books!
My Lunch Date!!!

Yesterday my Mother in Law competed in a 5K race! It was late at night so me and little man slept while Tommy and his dad watched! I'm so proud of her, she has been working so hard and this was a big accomplishment for her!
Climbed on Daddy's lap after his swim with Grandpa

Well it's been raining all weekend and Today was no different it kept the heat down which turned out to be a very good thing. About a month and a half ago Tom and Denise's ac went out it was "fixed" but Today it decided it was done and stopped working all together. Thank goodness for the rain it keept the heat down and it hasn't been too hot at all. Also since the house was a little warmer it's been drying my squares quite rapidly! Oh yes did I mention I have all 25 squares done! Okay maybe only 24 for some reason the last 1 is taking me forever! I currently only have the 32 stiches casted on... I'm going to buckle down and finish tonight so I can finish blocking before we leave tomorrow.

Well this next week will be filled with a lot of getting ready... Chloe will be here on Friday! I go in for pre op on Thursday and then surgery on Friday thats right she's still breech! I'm totally not looking forward to a "C" section or the recovery that comes with it. So that means Laundry and cleaning all week! I'm getting super excited thought it's almost over!

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Wow! Great post! Your blanket will be beautiful! Your such a great knitter.