Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Briesey Easy life... Not so Easy!

I've been running around like crazy over the last few months. I had gotten so excited to go back to work, not that I wouldn't love spending time unlimited with my kids and husband but the sense of fullfillment that comes with working is something that I like, to know that my blood, sweat and uh more sweat it making sure my family stays afloat in the tough times it a wonderful feeling.

My little family Updates
Not long after I got back to work (the very next weekend as a matter of fact) Tommy started throwing up. He would throw up for about 9-12 hours then be completely fine again like someone turned on and off a switch. It started happening more frequently, well every two weeks. So we took him to the Dr. and they sent us to a Gastroentromologyst who had a CT scan of his head and a bunch of blood tests, well since he hasn't thrown up in about two months they want to pause testing to see if he starts throwing up again. Other than that he has been great... he talks up a storm and is always making sure me and Tommy are "ok". He loves his sister so very much and is constantly kissing her and making sure Mama (that's me) and Dada (that's Tommy) attend to her every need at the moment she makes a noise! He loes chasing Optimus and Chopper and his favorite show is Go Diego Go which not only has he been mastering our language but he says a few words in spanish as well "abre" being the main one he will not say open in English but says "abre". One update down.

Next... Miss Chloé is they happiest baby I have ever had the joy to be around. Tommy was happy but not this happy. She wakes up and giggles until you feed her! Realing only crying every once in a while. She may have been born a little 7lb .5lb tiny thing but now weighs 17lbs... she's got the cutest baby roll legs ever!!

Tommy Still love his job and loves it more and more as time passes.
I am leaving in a week and a half to go to Staten Island for a week and a half where I get to take a course for the first four days then meet all of Tommy's family in NJ. I am very excited!

We had my best friend who is both of our kids' godmother come and stay with us for a week. It was a glorious time filled with lots of memories of Kodiak... Anyway time to go clean... I'll hopefully post again soon with some pictures!

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