Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blankets and C Sections

Well My blanket is DONE yep that is right done me and my mother in law finished it today! She did alot to help me finish it and it looks fantabulous! I love it!

Well I go in for my C Section in the morning bright and early. My cousin Kris and his wife Jenn had their baby yesturday a big congratulations to them! Well ths is going to be a short post since i am tired and have to get up so early! But i'm so super excited!!!


The Adams Family said...

Can i get the pattern you used for that? It is so cute.

Rachel Briese said...

this is the blanket i'm working on one for each of the boys fyi... the patternis called dreamcatcher and can be found on chloe an spud blog or ralvelry