Monday, March 15, 2010

How much do you love your animals?!

Okay well i think i'm officially crazy! I have had my cat stuck in AK for the last uh... 9 months... in December the girl that was taking care of him decided that she didn't want to anymore (and it's very expensive to fly an animal) so if we didn't take him by the end of Dec she was giving him away and then the next day she sent my Hubby a text stating that she had already posted an ad offering him to a good home! I was devistated... not very many of my friends are left in Kodiak and even fewer of them are allowed to have animals where they rent from... well finally a wonderful friend of mine said she would take the cat until we could get him here.

Part 1: our good friend in Kodiak who worked with my husband was going to fly to FL with the cat and just bring him as carry on. We would pay for his ticket and then he would pay to carry on the cat we just had to wait until we got our tax return.... well we didn't hear from him until like three weeks before he was supposed to leave and then we had already given up cause the flights had gotten too expensive well he still wanted to come so he offered to pay for the rest.

Then his leave got dissapproved!

Part 2: my best friend then got called and the cat was going to fly to Seattle and she would pick him up take him out and such then get on a later flight with him.

So this morning our Friend Amy got Optimus Prime to the airport on time said there was no bad weather the flight got there we where gtg... then texted...

HIS FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED and i knew from when i orginally set up of the flights that the flight that Kiera was getting and when the cat was getting out where the only two that worked together and something had to give!

I contacted Alaska Airlines there was "nothing they could do" so then i contacted Ara airlines there was "nothing they could do" then i contacted United to try to change her flight and there was "nothing they could do" so i resolved to just eat the cost and fly the cat all they was here...

They Sky's broke and the cat was coming here i had to add a kenneling fee but they Alaska Airlines was eating the rest of the cost! Then...

There was a plain crash in Kodiak and i had to re set up EVERYTHING....

so Optimus is going to be here a day later but is still coming OY i'm going crazy!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


It just came to me that not everyone is on FB and yet everyone want's to know what we are having ;D so without making you wait anymore we are having a GIRL that's right bring on the pink! We are so excited! Her name will be Chloe (i've picked that name since i was like 8 and have just been more and more confirmed after every girl i've met with that name has been sweet!) not to be confused with Kloe like Kloe Kardashian (kill me now)!!

Oh the games we play!!

Shark: So Tommy and Chopper (yea that's the dogs name) have started playing games the main one being Chopper chases Tommy and then Tommy runs to the peice of furnature that close to him and climbs on it then gets down and runs to the next piece of furnature (coffee tables inclueded).

Then they have the Cereal Game I like to call,

Feed Me: Tommy eats breakfast at the table but he usually finishes munching on the cereal around the living room while he plays. He enjoys carrying the bowl with him and Chopper follows and begs for cereal Tommy will eat some and end up dropping a few of them and Chopper gets those (Tommy isn't allowed to straight up feed him though).

And finally we have,

Just playing: Tommy carries Chopper putting him on furnature and such they play in the room together and get into things together and just plan running around and having fun! They are best buds you know!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pregnancy Anorexia

Okay so while I was pregnant with Tommy and driving around in Kodiak with April, we were talking about something and I was totally having a brain colapse and so I said oh it's just that huh what's it callled pregnancy anorexia. And April replies uh is that what its called and we sat and thought about and she goes you mean Pregnancy Amnesia?

Well since then pregnacy anorexia has just started describing all of the random things that go on during pregnancy.

Just thought i would share!