Saturday, July 17, 2010


After she was brought back
The Proud Daddy Pose
Showing her to Big Brother
Big Brother Getting to hold her (that is a huge smile on his face not his i'm getting in trouble face)
Daddy helping Tommy Hold his "sisser"
Napping with Daddy
She loves sleep
Cutest Pink Feet EVER
Passed out in the blanket I made her


Kari said...

What sweet pictures! She looks absolutely adorable =). How're you doing? Little Chloe letting you and Tommy rest? And I love that you gave her "Eva" as her middle name =D

Rachel Briese said...

We are good, Chloe sleeps the majority of the day and night she wakes up twice to eat. Ifigured Eva was fitting considering her first known due date was the day before grandmas birthday.

Jennifer Jung said...

Omg, you have the cutest kiddos ever!!! I love them and can't wait to hang out with you guys!