Monday, September 6, 2010

Better Wear White Today... No White After Labor Day!

It was a trying weekend due to unforeseen events. However it was awesome as well. Mom and Dad (Tommy's parents) came on Friday and are leaving Today. I always enjoy cherish the time spent with them. Little Man got to go fishing yesterday with his Daddy and Papap. We think Tommy needs a video camera to catch cute moments (ok so me and Tommy need one) he said Little Tommy was picking the bait out of the bait well throwing it over the side waving and saying "bye fish".

Us girls had a nice time at home too we watched "The Last Song" which was actually very good. We where a little hesitant at first since Miley Cyrus is in it but it turned out better than we thought! (by the end we where both tearing up)

And Today is work XP not on my Top list of things I would like to be doing on Labor Day but what can a girl do! That's why we call it Holiday Routine... Holiday for some Routine for others.

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Neicee said...

I really enjoyed our time together as always!