Monday, August 30, 2010

Too long

Well the six weeks of my Maternity leave flew by, and I started back to work last Monday. It's crazy to think that my little princess is already seven weeks old! It was a very relaxing seven weeks and Tommy is such a good big brother the time flew by.

We spent quite a few weekends at Tom's parents house which is always fund and relaxing. I was also able to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a while. My friend Kendra who I was on the Alex Haley with was here for Vacation so we met up with her and my friend Bob who lives in St. Pete. Also a girl that i went to Church with in Yelm had a baby two three weeks ago and her mom came to visit so Denise (my MIL), me and the kids went and met up with Jennifer, Nicole and her new daughter Aeris. All in all it was a relaxing fun few weeks!

Chloé has grown so much already weighing 11.5lbs! As I mentioned I started back to work on Monday and Tommy started his job on Wednesday. He applied a few weeks back and went in for an interview. Then on Tuesday he  got the good news he was hired part time, working the week days I have off! He has had three other jobs since we moved here but have all ended up not working out for one reason or another. He started working at a place called Topper Town it's in Cocoa and best of all no kids in daycare and an extra income! SCORE!!!

So my first week went smoothly as far as work went. On Friday night I fell asleep on the couch while giving Chloé her bottle I woke to something sticky being shoved into my hand when I opened my eyes I reolized it was a cup with chocolate syrup all over it. Then I looked at Tommy and realized that he too was covered in chocolate. I called for Tom to come clean him up (he was in the office) when he came out he walked into the kitchen and called me in there... there was Chocolate syrup wall to wall and our dog was rolling in it. I wish i would have gotten pictures but i was half asleep and didn't think about it until all was cleaned up. (Chopper is fine btw i guess he didn't ingest too much but rolled in it instead)

Saturday the day went smoothly and then my husband called, Tommy was sick and throwing up. It was right before I was to serve dinner that he called. Tom said that he had been throwing up for a while and he wanted me to hurry with my cleanups cause our poor little man was throwing up on everything and poor Chloé wanted attention as well. Not long after he hung up he called again and informed me that his sister was going to drive from Orlando to help him until i made it home. When I finally got home he threw up a few more times, Chelsea staid for a while talking and holding and feeding Chloé, while I held Tommy and Tom started cleaning all the bedding and towels from the day. Later that night after all was in the clear Tommy was able to fall asleep peacefully and woke up the next moring back to his old self.
My sleeping beauty wearing one of my fav new hats from Grandma Denise
My sweet heart!

Out at Indian River he was watching for the "fish" he tries to fish and ended up swimming the rest of the time we where there! (i actually framed this picture it was just too cute to pass up!)

He loves helping even give her a bath (i kept catching him with his leg on the ledge of the tub trying to climb in)

Cheesing for the Camera... look at that big smile!!! I love it!
With her Taggie Blanket from Grandma Clara

He woke up and wanted to come cuddle with me and Chloé, the flash was interrupting his tv view though!

He got up from his nap for dinner and then preceded to pass back out on his daddy!

Waiting at the Dr. office drinking some juice and people watching.

Half awake half smiling before her Dr. Appt

My little right handed artist... look how he holds that pen!!!

He carries that pad everywhere!


The Adams Family said...

They are both growing up so quick. I'm so glad that Tom found a job that works great for all of you!

Neicee said...

What a wonderful post..I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law. I cherish every moment I spend with you. Love ya! Mom B