Friday, September 14, 2012

Carousels and Pirates

We had a couple awesome days, we went to the mall in Citrus Park, just to ride the two story Carousel... they had a blast!!! Little Man wanted a seal and baby girl a pretty horse, and both decided on UPSTAIRS... my babies love carousels...

Today we went to a pirate party at the local recreational facility I had a pirate costume from a couple years ago for Halloween for little Tommy so with that and a half of a yard of fabric and some yarn a tank top and a pair of pants... they looked like little pirates... They had a treasure hunt as well as face painting, temporary tattoos and some bounce houses...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cray days of a stay at home Mom

Lets face the facts, I've never been so hot at this whole blogging thing... I try, oh do I try, I mean I fall asleep at night going... I should blog more... maybe tomorrow but never do... LoL so this morning I figured I should blog. My life has been pretty crazy. Trying to get my reserve drilling started (which I finally started Yay) to trying to keep my life in perspective and priorities in order. My baby girl is two now and we are a month away from my baby boys 4th birthday... It's so hard to believe he is almost four it feels like just yesterday I was waiting to go to the hospital!! We have been trying to keep as busy as possible... it's not always the easiest thing... it seems like when one door opens the other ones closes... here are some pictures over a little while of us trying to keep busy and active!!

 we go to the beach
we go to the mall (they love ice cream)
 we go to the movies (we saw Madagascar three with grandma)
 we plank whenever we get a chance
We go on bike rides
 We go on walks
 we threw a birthday party
 Baby girl turned two
we play with daddy's facial hair
 we go to as many new parks as we can find...
 and love each one
 we play in the sprinkler
 we destroy mommy's room...i mean we play dress up
 we like dress up...
 a lot
 we hang with homies... as many as we can carry or just our fav's
 we color
 we do puzzles.. 150 piece
 we surf the internet
 we watch movies on rainy days
 we love swimming on sunny days
 we play mommy is jungle gym
 we help with dishes... its our fav
 we love all types of Ice cream
 yes even pushpops
 we love play days at the gym
 we like playing hide and go seek
 we like catching lizards
 we play catch in the front yard
 we like climbing..
 and playing at parks
 we grocery shop with dinosaurs
and we love taking pictures... coco's self portrait!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Living in the Moment

Life can Pass you by... the question is will you let it....

Last week was a rough week for me. It's never easy to move and loose friends. I have moved so much in my last seven years and have had to come to the realization that people in my past and at my previous units for the most part where only need friends. It was hard to come to this relization because I may have needed a friend but was looking for an actual friend, where as they "needed" a friend in the aspect of needing someone to be friends with for the time being. It's never easy to find out people aren't real friends and to have to come to the grips with that fact.

I say in the most part because there are a few friends that are real friend that I have met over my seven years. Seven years is a long time to have only a handful of people who I really care to see and keep in real contact with, but I don't always make that decision sometimes it is made for me and I have to just learn to be okay with it no matter how much it may hurt for a moment.

Let me go back to last week. Last week was hard realizing that people who said they "want to keep in contact" and "can't wait to see you again" and then never responded when I brought up meeting up or hanging out. It was rough, it will always be rough, realizing someone isn't the person they betrayed themselves to be. But luckily those things passed towards the end of the week, which turned into an amazing Friday. I "had" a friend in Kodiak who was stationed on the AH (Alex Haley) with me (which I use the term had loosely because we never got in a fight or said we didn't want to see eachother again, we just moved on to differnt places) I hadn't seen her since a week after Chloé was born while she was on Vacation, I came in contact with her on mothers day and found out she lives only 25 min from me. So Friday, admist my crappy week, my Friend Kendra, my kids and myself met up for coffee. It was so wonderful to see someone who was a real friend. We both came to the realization how much we had ment to eachother and are so happy that we have eachother again!

Dwelling on the these things cause me to be in a sour mood. I didn't really feel like doing anything. This week I've gotten my act back together (of corse seeing Kendra and knowing I have a good friend close helped) So this week my kiddos and I have been having some fun!! Tuesday Tom went to Tampa to take his ASC certifacations.... I need to give a littls shout out to that he took four tests, A/C and Heating, Brakes, Electriacl and uh one more and passed all of them, I was told by him and his mom that most people don't take more then two at a time and usually have to take them a few times. He took four and passed them all first time... I'm SO PROUD OF HIM!!! So tuesday Me and the kiddos went on a little shopping trip to walmart just to get out of the house. Then Wednesday we met my Mother in law at Katz, which is the coolest resturante idea ever. It is a nice sitdown resturante with a kid play area in the back of the eating area (they even have a baby sitter there to help the little ones and make sure everyone is okay and following the rules) so the parents can eat and the kids can munch and play... and that's excatly what happend!!!

 My Super Yummy Gyro and Greek Salad
 Coco's Soft landing at the bottom a very fast slide.
 Tommy swinging on the rope swing
 Swung his body to get the momentum and everything

Chloé playing with the motion activated lights

Today I took the kids to the Clearwater Marina and Auquariam. They had a blast to say the least. Tommy is so intrested in sea life it was so awesome listening to him talk about the dolphins, turtles, sharks and everything else they saw. He has been talking non stop about how he loves dolphins and sharks it is way too cute.

 Tommy and Chloé watching a dolphin swim... he kept saying... mommy do you see the dolphin?!
 Looking at the Nurse Shark... Tommy's favorite was the sharks

Posing for a picture with a sculpted turtle... the both had such a blast it made my day....

Well that's all time I have with all the excitment of the day both my kids are whining and ready for bed... so adios!!!