Thursday, December 23, 2010

Most Exciting Christmas EVER

I know what you think i am getting ahead of myself... i know i know Christmas is two days away but i know it's going to be exciting!!! This is Chloé's first Christmas and Tommy is actually understanding Christmas this year last year he was confused and mainly liked un wrapping. Oh did i mention this Christmas is going to be in my house?! That's right i have been looking forward to spending a Christmas minus the traveling since Tommy and my first Christmas. However it has never happened until this year. I work Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) So Tommy's parents are coming over on Saturday and bringing Chelsea (his sister) with them. We so excited to spend the day at home. You may wonder what about my parents well we where already blessed by a somewhat surprise visit from them last week. My dad had a conference in Orlando so my mom came with and we met up with them for a day. Unfortunalty i had been gone for the first half of the week and then worked on Friday so we only got a day but it was still wonderful to see them.

Both Babies are doing good. Tommy had a cold for a few days but got over that with out much thought, Chloé (or as Tommy calls her Choe) is sick right now which makes for a stressful time. My poor baby is still smiling but they are just not as bright and it makes me sad!

 Chloé helping my Mom open Gifts
 Tommy's Gingerbread house
 They love being together
 Tommy and Chloé sharing a moment
 My little Princess
 I asked for a smile and he did this <3
 I told him i wanted a picture of him with his toy guns on so he poised
Me and my baby girl at teh park... she just wanted to play


Clara said...

Beautiful pictures of Tommy and Chloe, loved being there to see you and our precious grandbabies. Merry Christmas! Love to you!

Rachel Briese said...

We can't wait for you to come back! We love you lots and miss you!