Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jewlary, Knitted Quilt and a Breech Baby!!!

A Little Want

So I normally don't like to talk about my wants or such (simply cause if I have extra Money I'm the last person I spend it on). I found this really cute shirt that I've wanted for the last month and my hubby finally told me the other day that if i didn't buy it for myself he was going to be upset and he didn't want any buts about it! So I bought it but felt bad because it was no longer on sale..... Sad but I'm happy because it will still be wearable after I'm no longer prego! Anyway I follow Etsy on facebook and fell in love with this necklace! I really want it... so maybe after I get my hubby the bike he wants and the seat for little man to ride in I'll actually buy it for myself (if she still makes it)!!


New project!!!

So my M.I.L. and I started a new "quilt" that she found on the Spud and Chloe blog found here .  It's made up of five different colors and five different patterns. We started last weekend and I already finished the first five (the orange!) it is so relaxing which is nice because I cannot sit still right about now!

Breech Baby!!!

So I went to my Dr. Appt on Thursday and my Dr. looked at me and asked if I was uncomfortable. I said yes she listened to Chloe's heartbeat then asked me where she was kicking than said she's Breech. Felt my tummy and said oh yea she's breech we went into another room where they had an ultrasound machine and it was confirmed Miss Chloe is "frank" breech. Meaning her legs are straight up and by her face and her face is by my rib cage. Only about 3-4 percent of Pregnancies are breach at full term granted I have two weeks left before I am 37 weeks which is considered full term but I'm not holding out hope considering she's been facing the same way for about the last month she just moves around no flipping for the little lady... she would rather kick! So it looks like it will be a "C" section for me! On the upside we where able to pick an Induce date! Yay and she will be a little early at that which will be wonderful.
Well here is a little picture I thought I would leave with My little Man with his Dog!!!

The Briese Family

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Background!!!

Okay so I'm pretty good at changing backgrounds on different websites but for some reason this one was kicking my butt!!! Luckily while visiting my In-Laws my MIL helped me change my background and VOILA i love it!!!! I am so happy to finally have a cute background that looks a little more like me then then ones that blogger puts up!!! Yay i'm super excited and thought i should blog about it... that is the name of the game right?! (i'll be on later to post about my wonderful weekend but enough time on the computer i don't want to waste time that i could be out having fun!!!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Florida bug population = YUK

Tommy walks out into the garage

My phone Rings

Me "really you called me when you walked out into the garage why didn't you just open the door?"

Tommy "there is a huge bug out here it's flying around my head and it's inbetween me and the door"

Me "okay i don't know what you want but i'm not coming out there to see a bug"

Tommy "no don't... just get me hair spray"

Me " I don't think i have any i'll look... you and my nana are so a like, she sprays them to disable their wings too"

Tommy "it just flew into our dirty clothes... and i'm not going to disable it's wings i'm gonna catch it on FIRE"

Me "if you light my clothing on fire i will kill you"

Tommy "i don't need the hair spray anymore"

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Where did the time go?! I am officially 33 weeks prego with little Miss Chloe! We are getting excited here! We have the pack and play set up next to our bed and all of her clothing is awaiting in the spare room. We are getting ready to do some cleaning but I'm kinda waiting until after I get some time off of work. Unfortunatly I am so exhausted after work I don't want to do much other than sleep. My MIL (Mother In Law) is coming over when i go into labor to take care of Little Man (I'm sure he will love that)! We've been able to spend a few weekends with them recently it's been nice and relaxing, we've been enjoying our time by the pool and with family.

~In his Firetruck~
~In the Pool with Grandpa Tom and Daddy~

~Trying to Feed Daddy his dip (he had three dogs following trying to "clean" him up)~

~After a big rain storm (Today) he played in the puddle Florida Style~
~He was So happy he got to bring his new bed home from Grandpa Tom and Grandma Denise~

~He was soaking wet (he laid in the puddle and everything... Now STOP FREAKING OUT it was 75* outside)~

~Relaxing with Daddy after his post Puddle Shower~
The Briese Family