Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why am I horrible at blogging?

WhyI think I'm horrible at blogging:

1. Never kept a journal growing up
2. Never making the time between work two kids exercising and cleaning my house i have little me time

What I'm going to do to remedy that:

1. Get super excited about the custom new layout I got and not let it go to waste!
2. Try to blog once a week every couple days is overwhelming

That being said here is an update from the last time!!!

First it was Tommy's third birthday!! He's such a big boy!! I cannot believe my sweet lil man is three!!!

Aunt April came for a visit!! We love her so much and are always so happy when she can make a trip!!

The day she arrived Chloé finally started walking!

Halloween came and went, I had a cupcake and a mator!!!

I cooked thanksgiving dinner for Tommy's family!!!

We spent Christmas with my in-laws!!! It's was wonderful Tommy finally got the whole presents thing and loved going to church!!!

The rest is all park play dates and such!! We have been keeping busy, we are moving to the west coast of Florida in about a month, I'm getting out of the active duty CG but am staying in the reserves, Tom is going to work at QTC (quality tire center) and I am going to get a job in the evenings so I can stay at home with my babies during the day! We are so excited to move but dreading it all at once!!

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Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

Glad you love the layout. I'd love to see more photos and hear about what's going on with your little ones!