Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hold on to your hats... It's a posting update all....

It's been so Long since i posted yet so instead of making several medium posts I thought I would do one Long one!! So each post within a post will be titled something different!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

That's right my little Coco (as I have come to call her) Turned 1 on July 9th!! It's crazy to think it's been a year since my perfect little lady entered my life!! She is so perfectly sweet it is unbelieveable always happy and giggling only fussy when something is actually wrong and even then nothing to the point of a meltdown!! She has brought so much joy to me, her daddy and her brother as well as everyone else that gets to spend time with our little Princess!!

Her CupCake... Pink and Purple...
She wasn't sure what to think about everyone singing to her...
But She LOVED her cupcake
She couldn't get enough... (she started chewing on the plate)
She's saying this is AWESOME
She got kisses from her Aunt Chelsea... Even though she was covered in cake :D
Here is the big cake!!!
 Me and My Darling Wearing her shirt my Mom made her!
Happy Birthday Beautiful We LOVE YOU!!!

It was a small get together but we all had a wonderful time (i didn't get too many pictures of everyone else that joined us i was too busy enjoying the day :D

Lovin' Friends Moving Close

Recently we some good friends of ours moved close by for Tom it was one of his best guy friends from his work in Kodiak, they where fishing/camping/four wheelin buddys lol they pretty much spent all their time together, and lets just say it I think he's pretty awesome as well!! He moved here about a month ago and Tom has been enjoying having him around! For me one of the girls (who was married to one of the guys I was stationed on the boat with) who used to watch little Tommy when he was a wee little one moved very close her husband got stationed at the ANT team (it's like a unit within a unit they have a building on my station) so I have been able to hang out with her a few times, they came to Coco's bday party and I have been enjoying knowing I have a friend close... did i mention they have the most darling TWIN baby GIRLS?!?!

Tommy is in love with them he thinks it's amazing that they look alike and are the same size!! He asks me all the time "when we go see the two baby girl" or says "i like the two sissy's" (he calls all girls sissy)

He insisted on Riding on the front of their stroller during one of our walks together!!

(last but not least)
Grandma and Opa's Visit

I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to have Tommy's (my husband) family close!! I love my FIL, MIL, and SIL so much but that doesn't mean i don't miss my own family! So when my parents said they wanted to come around Coco's bday I was super excited!! It turned out to be a lovely weekend packed full of fun suff, we went to Cocoa beach, Orlando to Downtown Disney and the Outlet Malls, as well as Marriot Island (the closest Toys R Us... they couldn't help but spoild them) and Palm Bay... it was a fun weekend full of laughter and Love. We where sad to see them go but I know it won't be too long before they come back... Tommy asks all the time to go see them, he doesn't quite understand that we just can't hope in a car see them...
Coco with her Cup... (she looks like my cousin Kari in the pic)
Tommy playing with one of his new toys the EVIL DR. PORK CHOP
This is my favorite picture... my dad and Coco look like they are trying to "ham it up" and they wheren't :D
She got to ride on Opa's shoulders...
Tommy with the Woody made out of Legos... he loved it

 Well that's the end of my blogging update... it wasn't too long... what is it too long of a blog and no one's gonna waste their time ;)

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Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

I am impressed, you said you were going to update and you did!! I love the pictures as usual. Have a great day and I love you much! Mom