Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crazy Days

Life has been crazy lately to say the least. I seperated from the CG on the 16th of March, and we moved to Holiday FL (where every day is a holiday when you live in Holiday ;) ) but that didn't go quite as planned. The good old CG gave me one last deparding "gift" and didn't write my orders soon enough so I got stuck moving myself... in one weekend. Tom helped the Sat evening and Sunday of the move since he had to work. I finally got the last room of the house unpacked (my room) on Saturday. I have been staying at home with the kids which makes for a fun yet trying time. Its more difficult then I thought it would be, it's mainly the social interaction I miss... even though the "friendly" folks of station ponce where not my favorite there where a few I really liked that I do sorely miss. I received my billet yesterday which couldn't have made me happier, I actually got up and started dancing when I read my billet (of course I had to look it up online cause it doesn't have a normal name) It's on Airsta Clearwater exactaly what I wanted. I missed a call from the maneger of Starbucks that I applied to, and now I have to wait until Wednesday to call her back which makes the suspense almost too much. The kids are loving me staying at home. Chloe went through a type of withdrawel at first because of the whole move and putting them in daycare everytime we went over to Titusville so I could get stuff done... she didn't want to let me out of her sight insisting on falling asleep on me at night but is doing much better and back to her normal happy self. Tommy came out somewhat unfaised, he tried to regress by requesting to wear a diaper, I told him no and he moved on, His hardest point of all of the change was when I taped up his toy boxes to put them on the moving truck We met a really nice couple two houses down. They are about mine and Tom's age and have a two year old son so both the kids enjoy spending time with him. well that is what's been going on in the Briese house! Rachel

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Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

That about sums it all up except that you were so sick while doing it all! Nice post, now just think, you can write more often!!