Friday, July 1, 2011

I should be cleaning but....

Well lets face it who really enjoys cleaning? I still have about 2 hours before Haley gets here... Tommy's eating his post second breakfast of cupcakes and I am nibbling on some apple buttered toast... So instead of what I should be doing i'm going to update my blog...

We have been trying to do more things with the Kids on my day off... last week i had Wendnesday and Thursday off, so on Wednesday we went to the beach... it was so much fun Baby girl loved the sand and the water splashing her, Tommy was having fun digging and was body surfing with the best of them... I often forget living in Florida means we can actually swim in the ocean and not freeze but instead enjoy the warm water. On Thursday we went to the park near our house it's not the biggest but it's perfect for a 2 (almost 3) year old and Chloé is getting the hang of it. Althought the weather may be hot we also have a lot of thunder and lightening storms with lots of rain so Monday and Tuesday (which where my other days off) it rained and rained!!!... here are some pictures from my last few days off...

 This is one of my fav's from the beach... I didn't get too many pictures that day!
 She loves to swing
 I love the little faces she makes
 He was prancing over to the swings... I love how his little leg is kicked up!!
 He is my handsome little man!!
 He has been so interested in learning how to hold onto the regular swing
 She couldn't stop giggling
 I let her climb a little on her own... she loved it!!
 He climbs on everything at the playground... and i'm okay with it :D
 Waiting for me to follow her
 Look at that FACE!!!

So like i said before monday and tuesday it rained so we make our own activites inside...

 While in the middle of folding laundry I had two little ones decided to climb in the basket so ran around behind them and swung them around the had a blast!!!
Tommy was also makig faces at Chloé to get her to laugh even more...

Well now that i have added pictures and updated my blog... guess it's time to clean :(

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Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

They do keep you busy. I love the pictures of our two prcious little ones. They are growing so fast. I love hearing them laugh! Looking forward to our trip to Florida in the near future. Love always, Mom