Saturday, April 30, 2011

Okay so every time I "catch up" I say I'm going to do better this time and keep this updated more but I find running around after two kids way more entertaining and fun then typing on a computer... so It's been too long and I will try harder but I'm not going to make any promises since my kids are the most important over any silly blog :-D

Lets see up dates since last time:
James got back from Iraq it was so good to see him!
We got to see all of Tommy's Family that came, His grandparents got to meet Chloé, his Aunt, Uncle and Cousins Got to meet Little Tommy and Chloé, and I got to meet Tommy's cousin Jane.
There are have been babies born and even more the beautiful girls I know that are Prego!!!

Okay so now with some straight up, updates:
Baby girl crawls like non other and stands if you help her, She is a sweet, darling baby who hardly ever cries or has a problem.
Little Man is obsessed with Toy Story (he just woke up from his nap and is already asking to watch it oye) and is a little Charming boy who has so much love and cares for his sister dearly!

Here are some of my favorite pictures:
Chloé playing with the Cho Cho Train
 Playing with "Kota"
Big Brother Teaching Sissy how to feed "Kota"
My dinner date one night daddy worked late
The Freaking Adorable Hat Grandma Denise made
Watching TV with Mickey
Posing with Mickey
Passed out with His Daddy and Mickey
My Princess Peach Looking kinda tired
 Watching Toy Story
 Hiding Behind the little Buzz'
Look at that smile :D
Red Bull Baby (you want to know how she stays happy, 1 24oz can of red bull a day that's how) ;)
Teaching Sissy how to push the horn (not grab his ear)
Hanging out on the deck by the pool in her cute little bathing suit!
 Training with Papap
 Easter Dinner loving the kisses from Daddy
Playing with Buzz after Dinner
 One of my FAV'S
 Bright Eyes and Bright Smile
 Posing for the Camera
Mama you surprised me!!
My little bright eyed boy watching Monster's Inc. in Mommy and Daddy's bed

Well Tommy is ready to watch Toy Story, and Chloé is about ready for bed so adue!!


Denise said...

Love them all! Great pics..glad I was able to be with you and share these wonderful times with you..! Love you all my wonderful blessings! Mom B

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Thank you for taking lots of pictures of our beautiful grandbabies. We love them so much! I thnk Grandchildren grow even faster than children!! Hope to see you soon! Love you, Mom

Our growing family said...

adorable!!! cute kiddos!
hope you are doing really well!!