Wednesday, January 12, 2011

thoughts and things

Don't you wish you where sitting next to this beautiful baby?!

So this last year was crazy... new baby brought trials that I never saw coming, among other things, hopefully this year will be a little more peaceful! So far I can already say I am super excited about the things that will be going on this year... one of my husbands best friends and lets face it he is a really good friend of mine as well will be moving here this summer... unfortunately one of our other friends that we where hoping on will not... James gets back from Iraq so we get to have our god parents blessing, which means another trip Apple will be making to come see us! Tommy's Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts on his mom's side are going to be coming for a visit this early spring, who i have met all of them and let me tell you we are going to have a ball!!! My baby girl turns one which is going to be amazing!!! I cannot believe she is already six months i feel like just yesterday i had a watermelon under my shirt and now she is trying to crawl!!! i am also in a slight euphoria type of mode considering a couple of the girls that where prego at the same time i was with Tommy are now prego for a second time... Guess i jumped the gun!

I set some new years resolutions (for once in my life) I thought i would share them here cause i guess that's something someone might blog... 
1 to get back to my pre Tommy body and weight
2 to be nicer to people i don't know... i have no problem being nice to people that i know but i decided i need to be nicer to like the checker at the store i mean how rude is it to talk on your cell phone when you check out?!
3 to make more me time... being that i am a mom of two little ones that will be hard but i have come the the realization that just because i have two little ones does not mean i shouldn't do my hair and make up every day!!
4 to get more organized i have old statements from Montauk come one how long has that been!!!
5 to save more... I want to be able to put money aside for a rainy day and If i want to fly home (to WA that is) i don't have to start saving but can just go!!!

yea that's pretty much it i know the new years resolution is supposed to be like one thing but hey why not fix them all!!!

Anyway this has been pretty random but I LIKE IT... so adue, adios, peace be with you, and all those other wonderful ways to say good bye

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Guillermo and Vicki said...

Yay, glad to see we can get to your blog again! Hadn't been to it in quite a while, so spent some time catching up. Those are good new year resolutions!