Friday, February 5, 2010

It's been a while

Well sorry again for it taking me so long to make a post! The combo of working a full time job taking care of a house, and a growing Boy has been wearing on me... on and just in case you don't follow on FaceBook I also found out a couple months back (although i waited till a couple weeks back to anounce it) I am pregnant!

I am so excited I am 16 weeks already so that also contributes to my tiredness! (deep breath) We are hoping for a girl this time but would be just as happy if we had a boy! Yes we have already picked out names either way just like last time but i will not tell until after we find out, we don't need this name stolen, when I got pregnant with Tommy we picked out a name just in case we had twins or otherwise incase our second was a boy, told out friends and bam our friends kid has that name so NOT AGAIN!!!!

We go in for our ultrasound in two and a half weeks! We had decided we wanted out Children to be two years apart so this was perfect! This "Gummy Bear" (since Tommy was Bean and this one looked like a gummy bear at the 8 week Ultrasound) is due the day before my Brother In Law's birthday and what would have been my Grandma Bunny's birthday, which I feel is really special, I always wanted my next one to be on time well this one i want to be a day late... haha i'll cross my legs!

So our house is getting more and more peacful considering Tom found a job closer to home it is part time so it doesn't pay as much but it's way better for our family considering we don't have that hidious gas bill yuk, and he is home way more no need for a baby sitter and we get to spend more family time together not just a bunch of driving!

Well it's time to get out of my PJ's hopefully i'll be able to update more...

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Our growing family said...

wow! congrats!!! I hope you are feeling ok!
Can't wait to hear what you are having!