Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rants of a Pregnant Women

Okay so I've been wanting to do a rant blog lately... I don't know if it is due to the Pregnancy or if it is due to all the stupid little things that will always annoy me... either way here it is. I hope you get a kick out of it and if you get offened "i'm sorry" it is not really ment to offend, and is not aimed at any person in particular, it's all just stuff i have to get off my chest! (and that's what blogs are for right)

1) people in FL need to learn how to drive honestly it starts to rain DON'T SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES and why on earth do you turn your four ways on?!?!?! you are not in distress and if you are pull of the road!!!!

2) Pregnancy is not a compitition and to everyone who treats its as such open your eyes babies are a blessing not something to compete with... who cares who the first born is! I don't love Tommy any less because he has an older cousin! And yes we hope for a girl (just cause we only want two and we want one of each) but it's not because we want the "first" girl its because we want Tommy to have a little sister!

3) Why is it that everyone is your best friend until you catch them doing something they are not supposed to do then they hate you because you are making them own up (yes i'm talking about the people who tried to steal from the galley we are a closed galley you cannot just eat the food and not pay... SALADS INCLUDED)

4) due to past names being stolen I have picked a name either way and it won't change no matter what anyone else names their child and if someone uses my name (and their child is born first) i don't care my child will still have that first or middle name!!!

5) yes we just got a puppy i know i'm pregnant and work a full time job and have a 17 month old no i'm not an idiot i love animals and we can handle it.

6) I am really considering staying in the Coast Guard it's a stable job and in the economy (that our wonderful president managed to ruin even further) we are in stable is better than anything else!

7) Why is it that people say something that is rude and when they are called out back peddle?! Just own up say "your right" that's what it is (don't have your spouse cover up for you... come on either your immature and can't own up to what you say or your spouse is over controling)

8) People take FB and MySpace status updates WAY too seriously, honestly they are feelings of that person don't get offended and if you mean to offended someone maybe you should get off FB, status updates are not the place for personal attacks, and if you get offended maybe you should call that person instead of talking crap about them behind their back!!! (again how old are we?!)

9) if you start dating someone don't forget your friends... why is it that people who have opposite sex friends ditch all those friends when they start dating someone?! never got that grow up!

10) just because i live in FL i don't care to know how far i am from Ron Jon's Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach.... signs in Jacksonville really... and ever like ten miles... 50miles till "Ron Jon's"... 40miles till "Ron Jon's"... 30miles till "Ron Jon's"... 20miles till "Ron Jon's"... 10miles till "Ron Jon's"... well you ge the picture and they are even closer then 10 miles appart

11) I've been pregnant before, i know what to expect, what i can and cannot eat and drink... so on i don't need your advice on what i should or shouldn't be eating or drinking... guess what TOMMY IS HEALTHY i guess i'm doing something right!

Well i was going to write twelve but 11 seems like a good number...


Amy! said...

You Go girl?!?! I Love ya!

Jessica said...

good rants you tell them!!! miss talking to you girl