Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So sorry... but i'm busy

Well life has been crazy... Florida is Awesome i've been enjoying the heat... even though tomorrow is thanks giving and it's still been getting up into the mid to late 80's during the day! I really enjoy my job up in New Smyrna Beach and wished we lived closer I completly adore the other girls in my section and well the other girls in the other section as well! Tommy is doing so well he walks and mimics as well as talks all the time. His favorite thing to say is UH ooo and he takes the phone or remote and hold it up to his ear and goes "Ello" it's so cute... oh and he grawls at randoms things as well. His Favorite thing is Stuffed animals... he will drop everything and anything for a stuffed animal and carries them all over the place. I'll post pictures up soon but i am currently fighting with my phone to down load them.

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