Monday, July 27, 2009

What an amazing weekend

So on Friday my Mother-in-Law took me to the Day spa which was wonderful and Very relaxing!!! Then on Saturday I went to Sears and got Tommy's pictures taken... he's such a little ham they thought he was adorable!

So my Sunday consited of seeing my Sister-in-Law in Fort Myers Beach. She has been going through the Teen Challenge drug rehabilitation center! She looks so much better so here's a picture to show you her change:

The first one was taken at Christmas... the second one is after six month in the Teen Center! We love her and miss her!!

Then to top it all off Tommy took his first steps today... it started with one but then he didn't stop this was the best video of him walking we took about five by the time he had actually started walking between Tom and I. And he had been walking quite a bit before that!!! It's so awesome to watch I just am totally amazed! It is so cool watching him!

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Clara said...

Could he get more adorable! It's so wonderful to get those special steps on video. Also, loved the phone call. Thanks, love you guys.