Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thomas Aaron

Well we finally had our little baby boy! He was born at 1245am yesterday... He weighs 8lbs 9oz is 20 1/4 inches long and has lt brown hair and blue eyes... he is my perfect sweet little one! Although he likes to sleep and is very content with being held :D he didn't want to come out... he was ONE week late.

I was to be induced at 7 am on Monday morning... i finally was able to fall asleep at about one and thought at least i will get about six hours of sleep... NOT seeing as i was woken up at 3:30 am having crippling contractions... i knew i was in labor! An hour after going to the hospital my water was broke and i was in hard labor. However he still didn't really want to come out! I was in hard labor from 3:45 am till 10 pm when i was finally ready to push, at 7 i started to feel my contracts... not pressure but pain again... told the nurse and she just said it was good to feel pressure... i told her it was not pressure... i could handle pressure it was the pain that worried me she told me to give myself the little boost, i did and i felt a wet spot on my back... i told her she felt my back and said it must be cold... durning delivery i had to reposition because my doctor thought the baby might be facing the wrong way when i repositioned i noticed a large wet spot on the bed where my epideral was on my  back. So after 2 hour and 45 min of pain my little man was in my arms! My wonderful husband Tom was there the whole time holding my hand and making sure i had everything i needed and was well taken care of! 

Well for all of you that where worried about the kidney... the ultrasound taken yesterday showed his kidney's where completely normal!!! We most definately thank GOD for not only helping me on Tom out but blessing us we such a perfect little boy!


Jennie said...

Glad he's finally was a long 41 weeks for you! Funny though, your last picture of you pregnant wasn't your last day...I think he held off being born until the 7th just to prove you wrong. I am guessing you'll have trouble!!

Love you!

Our growing family said...

He is so handsome! I hope you are doing well and recovering nicely. What a little blessing he will be!
Take care and get some rest!