Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"IS the world ready for another Tommy Briese?"... Get ready world here he comes!!!

Well My Mom gets here on Saturday which i am totally stoked about! I cannot wait to see her... and if the baby hasn't come by then we are going to be walking and doing squats to help things move on down ;D

I feel as though i have been pregnant forever! LOL I almost can't remember how it feels to be not pregnant!!! I guess i am just getting ready to be a mom then i will always be a mom no matter what... wow i am going to be a mom weird!!! ;D I've been really sore the last couple days and kinda nauseated which is not fun... pretty much miserable! But soon (trying to be optimistic) enough the baby will be here! I started getting really swollen which is not fun my shoes don't fit anymore as well as my rings (although they have been on a downhill slope for about two months now)!!! BUT it's so worth it! I would do it again any day... and the baby isn't even here yet but i knew he's coming... as James (Tommy's best friend whom he grew up with) put it... "is the world ready for another Tommy Briese" well get ready world cause here he comes!!!

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