Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wow the days have flown

Well the last five days have flown... however i am on a weird schedule... due to my baby boy so i am tired pretty much all the time but am able to wake up at night with no problem.

I think he is getting even more cute as the days go on. Tom and i sit and stare at him. It's so crazy to think that he was inside of me for so long! He has already started rolling onto his side and picks his head up on his own... lol... Tom and i both freak out cause he'll pick his head up and so we quickly grab it so it doesn't fall... but so far so good!

He looks so much like me when i was a baby, of corse i haven't actually seen pic's of Tom yet but i am excited to because i can already see simularites... at least he got Tom's langth seeing how all of the New Born clothing is a little short. We all think it's so funny cause in comparison to Tom, Tommy looks so tiny but when i hold him he looks a lot bigger! (He's still TINY)

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