Monday, June 7, 2010

Florida bug population = YUK

Tommy walks out into the garage

My phone Rings

Me "really you called me when you walked out into the garage why didn't you just open the door?"

Tommy "there is a huge bug out here it's flying around my head and it's inbetween me and the door"

Me "okay i don't know what you want but i'm not coming out there to see a bug"

Tommy "no don't... just get me hair spray"

Me " I don't think i have any i'll look... you and my nana are so a like, she sprays them to disable their wings too"

Tommy "it just flew into our dirty clothes... and i'm not going to disable it's wings i'm gonna catch it on FIRE"

Me "if you light my clothing on fire i will kill you"

Tommy "i don't need the hair spray anymore"

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Neicee said...

LMAO!!!!Thats Hysterical! My husband was so freaked out about all the bugs when we moved here he wanted to leave the same week we came down!