Thursday, June 3, 2010


Where did the time go?! I am officially 33 weeks prego with little Miss Chloe! We are getting excited here! We have the pack and play set up next to our bed and all of her clothing is awaiting in the spare room. We are getting ready to do some cleaning but I'm kinda waiting until after I get some time off of work. Unfortunatly I am so exhausted after work I don't want to do much other than sleep. My MIL (Mother In Law) is coming over when i go into labor to take care of Little Man (I'm sure he will love that)! We've been able to spend a few weekends with them recently it's been nice and relaxing, we've been enjoying our time by the pool and with family.

~In his Firetruck~
~In the Pool with Grandpa Tom and Daddy~

~Trying to Feed Daddy his dip (he had three dogs following trying to "clean" him up)~

~After a big rain storm (Today) he played in the puddle Florida Style~
~He was So happy he got to bring his new bed home from Grandpa Tom and Grandma Denise~

~He was soaking wet (he laid in the puddle and everything... Now STOP FREAKING OUT it was 75* outside)~

~Relaxing with Daddy after his post Puddle Shower~
The Briese Family

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Neicee said...

Such a nice post! It has been fun! Look forward to more fun times with Miss Chloe on the way!