Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh the games we play!!

Shark: So Tommy and Chopper (yea that's the dogs name) have started playing games the main one being Chopper chases Tommy and then Tommy runs to the peice of furnature that close to him and climbs on it then gets down and runs to the next piece of furnature (coffee tables inclueded).

Then they have the Cereal Game I like to call,

Feed Me: Tommy eats breakfast at the table but he usually finishes munching on the cereal around the living room while he plays. He enjoys carrying the bowl with him and Chopper follows and begs for cereal Tommy will eat some and end up dropping a few of them and Chopper gets those (Tommy isn't allowed to straight up feed him though).

And finally we have,

Just playing: Tommy carries Chopper putting him on furnature and such they play in the room together and get into things together and just plan running around and having fun! They are best buds you know!

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