Friday, March 5, 2010


It just came to me that not everyone is on FB and yet everyone want's to know what we are having ;D so without making you wait anymore we are having a GIRL that's right bring on the pink! We are so excited! Her name will be Chloe (i've picked that name since i was like 8 and have just been more and more confirmed after every girl i've met with that name has been sweet!) not to be confused with Kloe like Kloe Kardashian (kill me now)!!

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Jennie said...

But you really mean Chloé right? To make the accent on the computer just press and hold the "alt" button and type 0233 (on my laptop I have to press "alt" and "fn" at the same time to use the blue number that would be on the side of a regular keyboard, the numbers on the top row don't work). Just so you know!