Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cray days of a stay at home Mom

Lets face the facts, I've never been so hot at this whole blogging thing... I try, oh do I try, I mean I fall asleep at night going... I should blog more... maybe tomorrow but never do... LoL so this morning I figured I should blog. My life has been pretty crazy. Trying to get my reserve drilling started (which I finally started Yay) to trying to keep my life in perspective and priorities in order. My baby girl is two now and we are a month away from my baby boys 4th birthday... It's so hard to believe he is almost four it feels like just yesterday I was waiting to go to the hospital!! We have been trying to keep as busy as possible... it's not always the easiest thing... it seems like when one door opens the other ones closes... here are some pictures over a little while of us trying to keep busy and active!!

 we go to the beach
we go to the mall (they love ice cream)
 we go to the movies (we saw Madagascar three with grandma)
 we plank whenever we get a chance
We go on bike rides
 We go on walks
 we threw a birthday party
 Baby girl turned two
we play with daddy's facial hair
 we go to as many new parks as we can find...
 and love each one
 we play in the sprinkler
 we destroy mommy's room...i mean we play dress up
 we like dress up...
 a lot
 we hang with homies... as many as we can carry or just our fav's
 we color
 we do puzzles.. 150 piece
 we surf the internet
 we watch movies on rainy days
 we love swimming on sunny days
 we play mommy is jungle gym
 we help with dishes... its our fav
 we love all types of Ice cream
 yes even pushpops
 we love play days at the gym
 we like playing hide and go seek
 we like catching lizards
 we play catch in the front yard
 we like climbing..
 and playing at parks
 we grocery shop with dinosaurs
and we love taking pictures... coco's self portrait!!


Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Rachel, this is the best post ever!! I love, love, love it!! It seems like I have been there with you every step of the way!!

Rachel Briese said...

Awe thank you, Mommy... that's what I was going for! as a fun catch up with little words and more pictures!!