Saturday, December 20, 2008

Florida=Pure Excitement!!!

So we leave for tomorrow. This will be my second Christmas in Florida! It's not like we where going to have a white Christmas anyway... i mean there is a chance of snow here but it's been such an awkwardly mild winter... no icy roads... or parking lots for that matter... no slipping and almost falling on my butt... which i could always do without (they don't sand or salt the road... why bother it's just going to rain and wash it all away and then snow again)! No just rain... since after Thanksgiving it's been mild here! We actually re-insured my car, you see during winters here my car couldn't even make it to the center of town and we live a block away! Don't get me wrong the few days it was bad here Becca crashed her car (on my street actually) and Amy crashed April's SUV (that's right a 4- wheel drive car can slide too) but that was made apparent last year when Bryan crashed our 4- runner into his truck... kinda ironic actually!

Anyway it makes it kinda nice cause then i don't have to take my poor baby out in the freezing cold! I bundle him up like crazy when it's snows but still run from the apartment to the car to the store to the car back to the apartment... poor guy i don't want him to get cold! He has some of the cutest snow suits ever though lol!!!

Well we leave for Florida tomorrow with a stop in VA in the middle! I am so super excited i cannot wait!!! Oh i miss all of my family in the lower 48 so much!!! I am so excited my Mother-in-Law and I are going shopping as soon as we get there and then sometime while where there we are going to our yearly Spa Trip! I can't WAIT!!!

~BTW it's almost five in the morning in FL and it's 78 degree's!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Clara said...

It was so wonderful to have our family all together, it was great to have a house full again. Thank you for coming and even though your trip back home was long and tedious, hopefully you are getting settled back home and rested up again. We love you and that precious baby is so beautiful and loved very much.

Love always, Mom