Friday, August 22, 2008

It's getting closer... well everything is getting so much closer! The baby is due in a month and a week!!! It's crazy to think that it's so close! Tom and I are thrilled!

My Mom and Dad are coming my Mom is going to try to come a week before and stay a week after and my dad will come the week after! It's going to be so awesome to see them!

Well my friends here in Kodiak are throwing me a baby shower... I am so thankful that they are doing that for me! However I am trying my hardest to not be worried about it but it seems like EVERY part of it is an after thought! I keep telling myself to be happy that at least they are throwing this for me but it's nerve racking thinking about how it's getting taken care of.... (i need to just relax :D ).

Well I don't have to work anymore, well not until after my maternity leave is over! Which has been the most relieving thing ever! I was so exhausted for so long and now i finally feel like i have some energy! I don't feel like i am going to pass out! (I think Optimus is stoked that i am home) i don't think he has stoped purring since i got home this morning...

Well here is the newest Prego Photo Taken Today 35 Weeks!!!

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